1. Before and After…

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This is the piano "before".

.....and "after"!

"Before": still a piano....

"After": a bookcase & desk....

...or a Piano Bar!


18 Responses to “1. Before and After…”

  1. Jean Says:

    I love it!!!! The bookshlef and desk is nice but I think the piano bar has lots of potential for FUN!!!

  2. Lori Says:

    Wow, Vicky! This is incredible. It turned out beautiful!

  3. Mom Says:

    I am totally impressed with what you have done!
    You could probably help your Dad out with some of his projects!

  4. Jan Says:

    Very creative. What fun ways to use an old piano. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jaime N. Says:

    I would like to hear the “other” suggestions!

  6. Lind Says:

    I am not impressed at all. You know your husband did most of the work. Please give him some credit. Yea, I’ll have another drink, Buzz.

  7. Kim Says:

    I love it! Where did you ever get the idea? It is really cool. I love the idea of the desk, but the piano bar is fantastic! I love the idea of repurposing, but wouuld never have come up with these ideas. This belongs in a magazine!

  8. Sam Says:

    WOW!! Very Fun, great use. What else could it be……

  9. SJM Says:

    I am just as impressed that you knew how to put this web-page together!!! Maybe you can put an iMac computer inside and use it as a computer desk to do your web work from. Perhaps a large, 16:9 flat screen television in the top and a mini-frig full of beer in the bottom for Buzz to enjoy all Sunday afternoon?!

  10. Clint Says:

    BAR!!!, and have it stocked for Christmas.

  11. Holly C. Says:

    I love your project and feel inspired by the website! Thanks for sharing!! Can I share with my friends in OR who are so into recycling??

  12. Wilma & Norm Says:


    What a GREAT JOB you did on that piano. Norm say you should installed some kind of stereo system to play the Beer Barrel Polka and Tear in My Beer!! Right Buzz? Again super job!

  13. Preissners Says:

    This looks great, they both are so cute! I don’t know if you drink enough to need a piano bar though, but there’s always time to start! 🙂 (Amanda’s and Linda’s comments, of course not Ripon’s finest input on the drinking idea ha ha)

  14. B baber Says:

    The bookcase and desk is great

  15. Niclas Says:

    Great work, nice as a bar. I want this for my Livingroom.
    Greeting from Sweden

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