2. About the Piano Project

I made this little pictorial to show how my piano project progressed.

I made a million mistakes in my effort to turn an old, poor sounding, worn out piano into something usable.  My only goal when I started was to keep the final product looking as much like a piano as possible.  It will be apparent to any carpenter that I am a total amatuer at woodworking.  

The good news here is that if a “40-something” mom & gramma, with no woodworking experience, can do it…….anyone can!


5 Responses to “2. About the Piano Project”

  1. Sherry Lukoski Says:

    You ARE Sooooo talented!!!!! BRAVO–my hat goes off to you!!
    You can do anything!!!

  2. Jaime N. Says:

    Guess wordworking is in your genes! Looks Awesome!!!!!!

  3. Sam Says:

    That makes me want to find an old piano. Great job! what is up next?

  4. Holly C. Says:

    Totally cool! My hubby is wondering why I want to buy an old piano now! I see them on a regular basis at estate sales. For Oregon – this is what we call recycling! 🙂

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